SHOCKING: Unidentified Woman Dumps Newborn Baby Girl In Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

Arrival of a newborn is naturally supposed to be celebrated , as it is a moment of relief and warmth after nine months of enduring times associated with the pregnancy.

However, a yet -to- be identified mother thought otherwise on Monday when she abandoned her newly born baby girl around Dolphin Estate , Ikoyi , Lagos State .

Residents of the area woke up to the sight of the baby girl tucked in a shawl , whining for breast milk .

They were said to have alerted the police and the baby was taken to the Family Support Unit of the Adeniji Adele Police Division .

A resident , who identified herself only as Deborah , told Sunday PUNCH that she was shocked when she saw the baby girl.

She said , “ It was like I was watching a movie .

Why would a mother just dump a newborn like that? It was a neighbour who alerted me . By the time I got to the spot , a crowd had gathered . The girl was crying and was obviously hungry . She was pretty and in a good condition .

We called the police and the girl was taken to their custody . ”

Another resident , who claimed to have followed the girl to the police station, said she was given water before her cry subsided .

“ I was really pained . The police woman we met there said they would contact the state government so she could be taken to an orphanage for proper care.

“ She is a beautiful baby . It was a Good Samaritan who found her early Monday morning . She ( the mother ) should have spared the innocent girl this suffering from the outset when she knew she was not ready for motherhood, ” the resident , who spoke on condition of anonymity, said .

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer , DSP Bala Elkana , said the baby had been taken to the protective custody by the state government .

He said , “ The baby is about one week old . She was first taken to a hospital for medical attention and thereafter kept in an orphanage on the directive of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development which the police are working closely with .”

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